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Chung Chan


Chung was awarded his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor of Architecture from Tarumanagara University in Jakarta, Indonesia .  Chung has successfully designed projects in both Asia and in the United States.  Through this experience, he has cultivated a remarkable ability to work collaboratively within both cultural types, discerning and establishing the key design objectives within each project.  As the lead designer for a mid-size architecture firm, Chung’s primary body of design work was realized in Southern California, completing a variety of institutional, educational, multi-unit residential, interior and master planning projects.  A number of his projects received special recognition from the architectural design community, including receiving the 2009 AIA Merit Design Award for the Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School project, located at the site of the historic Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles (Koreatown).  Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and Indonesian, Chung still prefers a beef enchilada over a bowl of Won Ton Mein.


Chung's focus as the Design Principal is to initiate and establish each project’s guiding design vision.  Chung reinforces this vision through graphic communications, construction documentation and coordinating quality control procedures.

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